About Avalanche Ice

About Avalanche Ice

Jacksonville Florida Ice Machine Leasing
Ice Machine Leasing in Jacksonville, Florida

Avalanche Ice is Jacksonville, Florida's premiere ice machine leasing company. When you lease with us, we will take care of any repairs and maintenance for your machine at no cost to you.

We have a variety of dependable Hoshizaki ice machines that are suitable for your restaurant, hotel, church, office and more. You can even upgrade and change your equipment to fit your needs when your lease is up. Leasing an ice machine also provides possible tax benefits as well!

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The Avalanche Ice Team

Avalanche Ice came from humble beginnings as a division of a local refrigeration company in the early 1970s. The company was originally called Kold Draft of North Florida. Kold Draft operated as a regional distributor of ice machine parts and equipment in addition to leasing ice machines. The company provided ice machine leasing, and servicing to state, local, and national businesses including government offices, restaurants and bars.

Avalanche Ice emerged when Kold Draft chose to focus on its core business of leasing ice machines in 1990. Kold Draft would change its name to Avalanche Ice in 1990, and begin exclusively leasing Hoshizaki manufactured ice machines.

Over the course of Avalanche Ice’s more than 40 year history, the company leased and serviced ice machines to well over 1,000 businesses in the Jacksonville area. During that time, Avalanche Ice distinguished itself as one of the first ice machine leasing companies with exceptionally low startup costs and superior customer service.

History of Avalanche Ice

Below you can get a quick overview of Avalanche Ice's extensive history leasing ice machines in North Florida.
  • 1974Ice Machine Leasing Begins in Jacksonville
    Kold Draft of North Florida distributed ice machine parts, and leased ice machines in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • 1990Kold Draft Becomes Avalanche Ice
    Kold Draft of North Florida transitioned into Avalanche Ice to focus exclusively on leasing ice machines.
  • 1991Avalanche Ice Chooses Hoshizaki
    Avalanche Ice recognized the benefits, and durability of Hoshizaki made ice machines. Avalanche Ice chose to lease only premium Hoshizaki ice machines to its clients.
  • 2015Current Ice Machine Leasing Success
    Avalanche Ice continues to lease, service, and maintain ice machines for countless clients across North Florida.