Ice Machine Leasing FAQ

Ice Machine Leasing Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me to lease an ice machine?

Leasing an ice machine from Avalanche Ice typically costs from $3 to $18 per day depending upon the desired ice machine.

When signing a new lease with Avalanche Ice, businesses are only required to pay the first and last month’s lease payment to have an ice machine installed at their location in under 72 hours. There are no installation fees whatsoever!

Most businesses are able to have an ice machine producing ice at their location for an upfront cost of under $400.

What size ice machine do I need?

Choosing the right size ice machine is an essential part of the ice machine leasing process. Typically, businesses benefit from more ice than less ice. If a business leases an ice machine which produces more ice than they need, the ice machine will simply shut itself off when the ice bin is full.

However, running out of ice may cause serious financial losses, and hurt company operations. For this reason, we typically urge our clients to overestimate their ice usage, as opposed to underestimating.

Hoshizaki’s website provides a rough estimate for how much ice different types of businesses typically use:

  • Restaurants use approximately 2 pounds of ice per customer per day.
  • Schools and university cafeterias use approximately 1.5 pounds of ice per student per day.
  • Hospital cafeterias use approximately 1 pound of ice per person per day, and 10 pounds of ice for every bed per day.
  • Bars and cocktail lounges use approximately 3 pounds of ice per seat.
  • Salad bars use approximately 35 pounds of ice per cubic foot.
  • 100 water glasses use approximately 45 pounds of ice.

Using these numbers, a business can get a rough idea of how much ice it may need by multiplying the volume of ice used by the number of customer served. Once the business calculates how much ice it needs, it is then possible to choose the right size ice machine.

What happens if my ice machine breaks down?

Any problems which are encountered through normal operation of the ice machine are repaired free of charge.

If your ice machine breaks down, Avalanche Ice usually provides same-day service by sending out a factory-authorized Hoshizaki repair technician to fix the ice machine.

If the issue cannot be resolved within the same day, Avalanche Ice will deliver ice to your location at no-cost to ensure your business can operate as per usual.

Is everyone eligible for ice machine leasing through Avalanche Ice?
Ice machine leasing through Avalanche Ice is reserved for commercial clients only. Most businesses are easily able to qualify for our ice machine leasing program, but each business is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
How fast can I have an ice machine for my business?

In most cases, Avalanche Ice can have an ice machine producing ice at your business location in less than 72 hours after signing a lease.

Avalanche Ice is able to offer an exceptionally fast turn-around due to its more than 40-year history providing ice machine leasing services to the Jacksonville area.

Can I purchase an ice machine after leasing?
Currently, Avalanche Ice does not offer a lease to own program.
What are my payment options during the ice machine leasing term?
Ice machine leasing clients may pay with credit card, cash, check, and electronic funds transfer. Payments can easily be made through Avalanche Ice’s online payment portal. Payment is due at the beginning of the month for the term of the lease.
Should I buy an ice machine?

There are definitely benefits to owning an ice machine, but many businesses all over the country are turning to ice machine leasing as simpler and headache-free option.

Ice machines typically have a very high upfront cost and installation fees. In addition, ice machines require regular service, cleaning and maintenance. There can be expensive problems to fix should a part fail on an ice machine.

According to BG Refrigeration, an authorized Hoshizaki ice machine repair company in Jacksonville, Florida, the costs for repairing these common ice machine issues include:

  • Compressor Replacement: $1100
  • Control Board Replacement: $700
  • Evaporator Replacement: $1000
  • Basic Repairs, Cleaning and Maintenance: $85/Hour

Alternatively, when an ice machine is leased, there are typically very low upfront costs. Avalanche Ice’s leasing program only requires the first and last month’s payment to have an ice machine installed at a business.

This means businesses are able to get an ice machine installed at their location in under 72 hours for typically less than $400. Companies who lease ice machines also do not have to worry about repairs, maintenance, or cleaning as this is provided by the ice machine leasing company. Any problems which are encountered through normal operation of the ice machine are 100% covered by the leasing company.

How do I keep the ice machine clean?

Businesses are typically only required to clean the outside of the machine, and ensure a clean environment for the ice machine to operate in. This means the location must be free from pests or bugs, and usually indoors away from dirt and dust. From time to time, it may also be necessary to wipe down the inside of the ice bin.

Businesses are advised NOT to clean the inside of the ice maker, as this is the responsibility of Avalanche Ice. Avalanche Ice will periodically send factory-authorized Hoshizaki technicians to clean the ice machine’s internals, like the evaporator plate.

Am I required to do regular maintenance?
No, businesses are not required to do regular ice machine maintenance. Avalanche Ice takes care of all ice machine maintenance.
What happens if I do not clean my machine regularly?

If you do not clean the outside of your ice machine regularly, it may simply appear dirty. You do NOT have to worry about cleaning the inside of the ice machine, as this is the responsibility of Avalanche Ice.

However, it may be necessary to clean the inside of the ice machine bin to ensure your ice is free from contamination.

What happens to the ice machine if I want to sell my business?

The ice machine lease from Avalanche Ice is nontransferable. As a result, businesses are typically required to pay out the remainder of the lease term if an individual chooses to sell their business. Avalanche Ice will then come out and collect the ice machine.

However, if the individual who purchases the business wants to keep the ice machine, and signs a new 3-year lease term with Avalanche Ice, there will be no charge for the previous business owner. The individual who sold the business may then be released from the ice machine leasing obligations at no additional charge.

What happens if I want to move the ice machine?

Avalanche Ice will provide 1 courtesy move free of charge during the duration of the 3-year lease term, so long as Avalanche Ice approves the new location for the ice machine. Businesses are not allowed to move the ice machine without the explicit consent of Avalanche Ice.